• Increasing number of elderly persons (these elderly persons want to live at home)
  • Care at home as a socioeconomic solution to limit social security budget deficit, and prevent from dependency and loss of autonomy
  • Decreasing number of healthcare professionals and social workers
  • Increasing role of informal carers (relatives, partners, friends, neighbours, etc.), who lack the ICT tools to support them.

HOPES® at a glance

  • Back in 2008–2009
The project began at the end of 2008 by gathering European partnersí expertise and became what was successfully approved by AALiance in September 2009. Being original by using ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and not being an ICT, being a service and not a product, HOPES® decided to become the 1st European social network BY and FOR the elderly and their carers, for helping the first ones to live home longer by using e-Social Best Practices®. Certified by the users themselves, these e-SBPs® (e-Social Best Practices®) are solutions, advices, recommendations, tips and tricks... to prevent from dependency and maintain their autonomy and quality of life. HOPES® is focusing on social interactions such as social relations, intergenerational links and support, and enhancing communities.
RanD for HOPES® Consortium

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The development of HOPES® ICT platform for a European network of expertises e-community(ies) for a multicultural and multilingual social environment requires a multidisciplinary international approach bringing together additional expertises and research resources in the fields of e-health and social ICT.

The Consortium includes experts having a solid experience in the development of ICT based solutions for ambient assisted living and healthcare.

It gathers 7 European organizations from 4 different countries.
Due to its ambition and its financial implications, the HOPES® project is supported by institutions, both at the European level and at local levels in France, Germany, Italy, and United Kingdom. And to develop the HOPES® social network content, the HOPES® Consortium members are subcontracting with companies and associations. At the same time, links have been established with local partners in France.

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HOPES® Project
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  • From a concept to a certified e-service for ageing well at home is the title of the HOPES workshop the 28th February 2013

  • Siel Bleu is disseminating theresults of its large end-users'interviews regarding needsand expectations.

  • HOPES® finalist of the first edition of the AAL Forum's award!

  • HOPES® 1st prototype presented during AAL Forumafter summer tests andvalidationSeptember 27-28, 2011Lecce, Italy